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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Promethee is an awesome new technical hardcore band. Their music features a lot of really cool progressive elements (not really djent) that somehow blend with the hardcore sound of the riffs. It creates an epic sound that is hard to quite describe but definitely blows my mind. The guitar playing is incredible. Their are riffs upon riffs and all sorts of technical fills that often remind me of bands like The Faceless. The bass playing is ferocious. I particularly like the manic riffing on Sink or Swim, it really adds a lot of energy to the music. The drumming is also rather excellent. In particular the fills on the Veil of Maya like rhythm breakdowns is really tasty. Some of these songs must be almost impossible to play! Finally, the vocals are harsh and feature some unforgiving growls. They really provide a nice icing to a proggy hardcore cake. In conclusion, Promethee is one of the best bands I've had on here in a while and will blow you away. Go check them out!

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