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Thursday, October 11, 2012



Lectoblyx is a pretty nifty very brutal thrash death band that could be described as a heavier more modern sounding version of Celtic Frost. This band really calls up the magic of some of the very earliest extreme metal bands. The riffs are brutal and feature a lot of really cool fills that add a lot of taste to the music. At times they could be described as Venom-esque but they are so much more technical and well executed that they are truly their own thing. The bass playing is very solid and features a lot of really great heavy riffs. It adds a throbbing evil to the bottom of the sound that pulls you out into a wasteland of metal. The drumming is overall pretty simpl and it adds a serious rock and roll feel. These are beats you can headbang to and really get you moshing. This band is a very fun listen because of that. Finally the vocals, half growled, half shouted truly hearken back to the twisted singing that makes the Bathory and Venom catalogues so appealing. They capture the odd, vaguely black metal magic of the music. In conclusion, Lectoblyx is a very cool act that at once combines classic pre-death metal as well as some very modern sounds. Go check them out!

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