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Friday, October 19, 2012

Dope Flood

Dope Flood is a colossally heavy and really fun metal band who are not afraid to incorporate some garage and stoner elements into their sound. The music here is often rather explosive, yet at the same time there are slow bluesy stoner elements that seem to slow everything down. This sound is really beyond words, there is a bit of everything and it can appeal at once to brutal metalheads as well as fans of just plain old hard rock. Their is a lot of stuff that can be seen as very appealing on this record, and its easy to see why. At times its a lot like Kvertelak but without the death growls. Instead this bands' vocalist has a powerful and even bizarre voice that grounds the album in reality. His singing is often very deep and it swoops about drawing you into the magic of their music. In some ways you could compare it to Anselmo's singing with Down. It has the same aggression within simplicity. Overall, Dope Flood is an extremely cool band and you should check them out as soon as possible, they will draw you in, and never let you out.

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