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Saturday, October 20, 2012

In a Nutshell-Is that Truth

In A Nutshell has done it again, with a new EP of proggy grunge masterpieces this band shows once more that they can pull you in and show you a whole new side of grunge. The music is at once complicated as it is simple and beautiful. There is something for everyone here and the fanbase for this band can (and should) be huge.

The guitar work is performed by the bands fiery singer Yannick and lead guitarist Alex. His guitar parts find a nice mix between acoustic rock and grunge madness. The guitar solos are usually very simple yet they are not afraid to feature a few flashier licks. Overall their is a bit of a metal taste here too, it shows off how heavy this band can be (especially live).

The bass work is similarly heavy. It really adds a lot of strength to some of the more metal bits.Yet there are still a lot of tasty bass licks that show off how much skill this guy has. Meanwhile the drumming is heavy yet simple. It features all of the energy of grunge with all of the refined qualities of prog. Overall, this is band has a tight rhythm section that will keep you rocking.

Finally, the vocals are powerful and beautiful. Yet they still have grit. Yannick finds the balance between grunge madness and acoustic rock beauty. His voice is filled with passion and I love how he really pulls you into the sound. He really helps make the new EP fantastic.

In conclusion, In a Nutshell has released one of the best unsigned EPs of the year. This is a powerful and fun album that at once shows off the bands more refined side with songs like Could Try while also getting the metal out with tracks like Is that Truth. One could call this band a logical, beautiful evolution  of what Nirvana started 20 years ago. So my friends, go out and get this album, it will blow you away.

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