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Friday, October 5, 2012


Einmyria is a pretty cool heavy metal band who incorporates elements from a variety of styles to create an overall sound that basically encompasses most of the modern metal scene. This is not at all metalcore, or thrash metal, or really any one genre. What it is, is a really cool synthesis of what metal is. The guitar work is really excellent and features a ton of pretty straightforward but very fun riffs. They create a lot of power and really get your head a-banging. The bass is pretty solid and really fills out the bottom end. I feel like its role should be increased though. Especially on some of the more 'rock' riffs it could have a much bigger role. The drumming is possibly the best part of this groups EP. Their are just so many great fills here its pretty mindblowing.  Finally the vocals are interesting. On one level the mix of brutal death growls and more power metal type singing is interesting because of the contrast. Yet on another it does not seem to mesh well. I will leave you to think what you will of it, as I am undecided. In conclusion, Go check them out, these guys are trvly metal!

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