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Friday, October 5, 2012

Le Minus

Make My Day cover art
Le Minus is a really cool rock band who are very much in the vein of Primus. They have an electrifying rock sound that will draw you in then spit you back out. This is a band that truly touches the soul. The guitar work on this album is very solid and features a lot of fun fills. they communicate a lot of energy and really help get you headbanging. They show a decent amount of technical still but the true beauty is how it captures the listener. Meanwhile the bass playing is explosive and features a lot of really stellar riffs that help give the band a lot more mass. While the parts are simple the bassist really does provide a throbbing heart to the band. The drumming is pretty tight and features a lot of crashing cymbals that add flavor to the songs. the drummer really helps the choruses shine and I particularly like the way they help give the songs a progressive vibe. Finally the singing is very rock and roll. While maybe not very technical there is a lot of passion and anger behind it. It creates a great atmosphere. In conclusion, Le Minus is not a very technical band, but they are true to what they are and I have to say, they do rock.

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