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Friday, October 5, 2012

Hiding with Bears

Hiding with Bears is a nifty proggy folk band who are truly difficult to describe. Their sound is very developed yet features a lot of different elements that can boggle the mind. This band creates a Gentle Giant like wave of music that washes over your ears and carries you off to distant shores, shores that a metalhead might not recognize, yet someone who appreciates good music might enjoy. It's a beautiful ride that is a pleasure to take. I don't know how often I can take it yet i was glad to have done it at least once. The combination of instruments into this beautiful airy symphony that at times defies words. This is all of the magic that folk music can have. It shows how some great musicians can attack a basic concept and give it new life. They prove that the seed cast by Gentle Giant is still strong and beautiful. This is a band you need to check out, they will, in their own small way, blow your mind.

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