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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Interceptor(Thrash/Speed Metal from Pescara)
Interceptor is a nifty unsigned thrash band from Pescara. Their music is very fast and is really the epitome of modern thrash. With chaotic riffs and half sung half growled vocals these guys capture the energy and rawness that made old school thrash so great, as well as adding in a wave of newer influences. The guitar parts are brutally fast and feature a certain catchiness to them that screams classic thrash. The solos are also pretty intense and really take you away on a heavy metal journey. The bass playing is astonishingly fast and it's impressive to hear how this guy keeps up. With lots of bits over 150 bpm he somehow does not miss a beat and only makes the music heavier. The drumming is very tight, it shows off an almost djent-like level of precision. I really like the way it keeps the music going. And the sheer amount of double bass is mindblowing. The vocals continue in a half growl that is very reminiscent of Testament, but is probably heavier. It fully communicates the anger of the music while allowing for some clean passages to fit in properly. Overall, Interceptor is a colossal slab of thrash that represents the best of the modern scene. Check them out!

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