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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Unforeseen Prophecy

Unforeseen Prophecy is one of a new wave of brilliant death metal bands that combine traditional death with more listenable elements to create a sound that is beautiful and deep. A sound that people can sing along too and truly fall in love with. Their is something here that finds a new level of death metal. The guitar parts are often very technical yet the rhythms manage to stay pretty straightforward and are typically easy to headbang too. I really like the solos, they seem to add a bit of a classic death feel to the music. The bass work is pretty solid and really shines on riffs in songs like Fractured. It just destroys your ear drums. The drumming is also really solid and has so many great fills it boggles the mind. The drummer creates some sick build ups and his playing on the bridge of Pick up the Pieces is just stellar. Finally the growls seem to combine metalcore, trad death and symphonic metal all at once. Yet somehow it works. I really like the implementation of female vocals, I feel like it gives a fuller sound to the band, but should not be used at all times. In conclusion, I must say that Unforeseen Prophecy is an absolutely killer act who will blow you away. Check them out!

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