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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Demo cover art

Íweriú is a noise doom band that is at once terrifyingly strange as well as shockingly good. I must admit I am none to familiar with this genre but, by God is this intriguing. Their is some sort of twisted magic here that really escapes words. Yet I really really like it. With long songs (all are 10 minutes+) Íweriú really pulls you into their music and does not let you go. Their music is a pit, it draws you in and forces you to listen, and their is no escape. This sound is ugly and yet appealing, as I said before, in many ways this band reaches beyond words. The evil chugging guitars form some sort of twisted backdrop for the bizarre sounds that go on top. At times its barely music, yet it still appeals. It does my heart well to see a band this out there can actually survive in the modern climate. They need to be checked out by any and all, they will tear your mind apart. Do it, do it now.

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