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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Socrates and the Lava Gods

Socrates and the Lava Gods cover art
Socrates and the Lava Gods is a nift alt band that for some reason remind me a lot of Angel Witch. They have a vibrant rock and roll energy that dominates their sound and really helps them become true rock heroes. The guitar work is at once NWOBHM as well as very bluesy. It even reminds me of a cross between post reunion Ocean and Jack White at times. On the other side their is also a pretty straight up punk feel in some songs. The bass playing is very heavy and features a lot of solid riffs that help keep the songs grooving. I particularly like the bass at the intro of Back. The drumming is pretty solid and features a lot of explosive riffs that help show off some of the progressive side of the band. He really helps give the band a lot more structure. Finally the singing is powerful and really moving. This guys voice at once captures the innocence of pop punk yet infuses it with something much more intelligent and rock and roll. It's a truly beautiful mix. In conclusion Socrates and the Lava Gods is a really cool band you need to check out! DO IT

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