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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Roving Crows

The Roving Crows are a really cool and fun folk band that capture the magic of true English folk music. Their is a great vibe here that is just filled with a joyful energy that brings forth the stuff of legend. The guitar work is usually pretty simple, yet the fun chord progressions and bouncy rhythms add a lot of atmosphere to the music. It makes everything seem a lot more vibrant and makes this something you could easily dance too. The bass seems to perfectly compliment this. He plays all sorts of powerful thudding rhythms that add a truly Celtic feel to a lot of the music. The fiddle brings forth some brilliant melodies that are really well done. Some seem to be adaptation of traditional songs, others, are more original. Meanwhile, the trumpet has an interesting role in the band. Its used on the edges of the music to create a sort of padding that helps keep the general vibe up and add a bit of flavor to the songs. Finally, the singing is very plain, almost chanted at times. It captures a very traditional feel that you don't often get in modern folk. So go check this band out, this is some trve and fun folk that will blow you away!

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