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Monday, October 8, 2012

Time and Energy


Time and Energy is a nifty experimental band who take the essence that makes Radiohead so good and make it into their own thing. With a sound that combines both experimental music with more mainstream rock these guys are a lot of fun to listen too. The guitar work features a lot of cool chords and some weird lead work that adds a sense of manic energy to the music. The guitar has a weird place in the mix and its overall usage can be rather minimal but what it does provide is awesome. The bass is much more frequently present and uses a lot of simple walking lines to give the music a throbbing heart. I particularly like the bass intro to Intomaidet. The drumming is solid and features an almost drum n bass feel at times. The playing is stellar and has a ton of great fills. Its' place in the mix also allows it to shine a bit more. The piano is a key aspect of this band. Ranging from fun melodies to moody atmospheres this guy provides a bit of everything. He really helps expand the bands sound. Finally the singing is stellar. This guy has a really great voice for this kind of music. While not classical sounding it has a lot of power and range behind it. In conclusion, Time and Energy is a very inspiring, beautiful and wonderful band check them out!

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