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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Question of Madness

Question Of Madness 

Question of Madness is a doom metal band in the grand old style. Their sound reeks of the Candlemass magic that created this entire genre. With a touch of NWOBHM and even power metal this bands dramatic vocalist really pulls you into the sound. The guitar parts are technical yet emphasize the big epic doomy riffs that create an epic soundscape to fall back upon. I really like the solos and they provide a nice contrast to the brutality of the rest of the music. Meanwhile the bass work is very heavy and is crucial in creating the explosive sounds of the band. He helps to form some sort of blackened background that helps to draw you into their music. The drumming is actually remarkably slow. It helps to create a very precise and solid attack that refuses to let up and let you regain your footing. Finally, the vocals are just spot on. The excellent attack fused with a very passionate, almost Dickinson like style are great. These guys are a great example of a band that honestly deserves to be signed. In conclusion, Question of Madness will blow you away. Their sound is appealing to all metalheads and they know how to rock. Check them out!


  1. Listen NightCrawlet. Their song "Master Calling" appeared at one of the latest
    Metal Massacre compilation. That voice reminds a lot

  2. Such a shitty band, it lacks true feeling and emotion, sounds like tons of other (and better bands),this is not doom ,it is wanna be groovy crapy metal.