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Friday, October 12, 2012

To the Marrow

for your blinded minds cover art
To the Marrow is a really cool German metal band that reeks of pure death metal energy. They have a violent sound that will rip your ears out and then sew them back on. Their music is brutally beautiful and is something you can truly lose yourself. The guitars seem to use some hardcore maxims but still manages to stay interesting. Their are quite a few interesting riffs that accentuate the breakdowns. The bass work is pretty solid, I really like the playing on a lot of the breakdowns. Things become ridiculously brutal and you have to headbang with the hardcore magic that it possesses. The drumming is incredibly vicious and features so many battered 16ths I don't know where to start, yet it still works. It really keeps the manic energy up and your head spinning around viciously. Finally, the vocals are usually in evil twisted growls that are really well executed. Yet their is also some pretty fantastic clean parts that create an anthemic feel for the choruses. In conclusion, To the Marrow is a really cool band that will tear you apart. You need to go check them out!

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