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Sunday, October 7, 2012



Thristana is a really cool symphonic prog band who know how to rock. Their music is very similar to that of bands like Nightwish and Amberian Dawn, yet they give it their own twist. They have a sound that is very professional and quite beautiful. The guitar work is filled with cool rhythms and heavy arrangements. You sense a major Nightwish influence in a lot of the riffs.They have the same 5/4 symph power metal magic. Yet the proggy edge of the song makes them a bit more unique. The bass playing is very heavy and adds a surprising amount of meat to the music. In particular I like the bass playing on Devils Destiny which somehow really gets to me. The drumming is pretty well executed and does a great job of capturing the atmosphere on the more symphonic bits. The piano is a crucial part of this group. It just adds so much power and magic that this band would be almost nowhere without it. It creates some beautiful bridges and has quite a few stellar lead lines. Finally, this bands' singer is brilliant. She has a beautiful classical voice that fits in perfectly with the music. I really like the overall mix too and it really makes everything come across crystal clear. In conclusion, Thristana is a lot of fun and a true symph metal experience. Check them out!

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