Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Vermingod is a Greek band who play some interesting techdeath/grind that is very much in the vein of Dying Fetus. Their music is brutally powerful and often highly technical, in short, everything a good death metal band needs. These guys will sweep you off your feet with the sheer might in their music. The guitar riffs are ridiculously heavy and will melt your ears. Their is something to these riffs that I can't imagine NOT moshing to them, they just have so much pure death metal energy! The bass playing is very solid to and they really help get out some very groovy rhythms. In particular, the bass riff at the end of Scalding Human Flesh is an instant classic. The drumming is extraordinarily fast yet features fills that Adam Jarvis (of Pig Destroyer) would be envious of. I particularly like the very energetic and accurate playing on A Thousand Stigmata. Finally, the growls feature the same sort of grunting madness that makes Dying Fetus so cool. While not unique they are definitely not par for the course and will probably blow you away. So go check these guys out, they have what it takes to succeed, now you just need to listen to them!