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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kill on Sight

Violence (Rough) cover art

Kill on Sight is a sick thrash metal band who incorporate touches of hardcore into their sound. Their music is vicious and filled to the brim with some really interesting riffs. They take the typical Slayer aggression, throw in more than a touch of Testament and then incorporate some modern thrash influences. The sum total is a very epic headbangers treat. This is a band that knows how to create trve thrash metal and who do not shy away from melting peoples faces with their sound. Instead their music is brutal and rowdy, filled to the brim with all sorts of nice tones adding to the rawness of the music. Overall I think that this band really 'gets' thrash. These guys are highly listenable and feature an evil sound that will appeal to many a metalhead. They are very much in the vein of a lot of modern/retro thrash bands like Revocation and Skeletonwitch in that they incorporate elements from both schools. Go check them out!

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