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Saturday, December 15, 2012

All our Sins

All Our Sins
All our Sins is a cool up and coming thrash metal band from Cardiff. While they only have a few instrumental demos up online right now it sounds very promising and shows that this band could very easily take it to the next level. Their music is intricate and features a lot of very solid and heavy rhythm attacks. I just wish they would record a vocal layer on top so I could get a better idea for the music. As is their music is filled with heavy riffage that should interest any metalhead. The riffs here are very much in the vein of modern thrash metal acts like Lamb of God or Machine Head. Their is a nice proggy side to the music too. I love the way the songs build up to create interesting and delicate structures that are filled with a vibrant energy. This is music you can at once admire the technicality of as well as throw your neck out headbanging too. Any thrash metaller will dig these guys, go check them out!

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