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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Savage Hacks

It's late, I'm tired and miserable, might as well review some music. Tonight I'm kicking back to the Savage Hacks new EP No Sleep Till Bedtime. With a shrieking and howling sound that will fill you with energy The Savage Hacks are a blend of the MC5 and Black Flag. This is a punk band that doesn't lose sight of the true purpose of the genre. Their music is heavy and unashamed. The song structures are straightforward and simple. Yet in 2 minutes this band can communicate more rock and roll energy than most modern rock acts today. They make more of a statement with one song than Coldplay does on an entire album. This is not supposed to be boring music for sheep, this is something that will entertain you and excite you and keep you listening. This is a true punk band who grasp the ethos of the genre. Go check them out!

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