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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rise of Malice

Rise of Malice is a beautifully evil black metal band from the dark heart of Greece. Their music captures the evil that makes black metal so good. I really love listening to bands that make black metal in the grand old style and this band was one of them. With brooding atmospheric elements and necro level production this is a black metallers black metal demo. Yet the musicians are stellar and execute a lot of really high quality black metal riffs. I might describe this band as a blend of Gorgoroth and Darkthrone. Sonically they are pretty similar to both bands, and they also seem to take lyrical influence from them. The wonderful ferocity of the guitar and bass playing is really just icing on the cake. I love the raw hatred that seems to permeate this bands music. The drumming is extremely fast and uses copious amounts of double bass. I am actually impressed by the drummers endurance. Yet all of this is beautifully contrasted by lighter and more interesting acoustic portions that help create light within all of the blackness. To finish, Rise of Malice is a band you must check out, they will blow you away!

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