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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Byzant at Sunset

Byzant at Sunset is a pretty interesting avant garde band who combine a variety of influences from jazz to dubstep to metal to create a sound that defies words. This is a band that uses some very progressive structures and extremely talented musicians to create a really innovative and interesting sound. Their music is usually pretty heavy and features some weird vocals. Sometimes just psychedelic clean singing and at other times more shrieks than growls, this is the kind of thing that can be either really good or really bad, depending on the listener. I really like the jazz feel in songs like Car bombs for Carlos. I think it adds a lot of flavor and shows what the group is truly capable of. Their are nice solos from all the instruments, especially the saxophones. They redefine what is capable with the instruments they have. In conclusion, Byzant at Sunset is interesting to say the least and if you want to something unique to listen too come check these guys out!

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