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Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Territory

Last Territory is a very solid french hardcore band with an experimental edge that keeps them interesting. I am very excited to be seeing them on Friday evening. I just wanted to tell you guys a little about them and their excellent music. A tribute to all that is great on the French metal scene Last Territory is music for cracking heads to. Yet they also have some very interesting lyrics. This band is always fresh sounding and they seem to combine raw intellect with a crazed anger very well. I really like the post apocalyptic image of the band too. I think that helps to emphasize some of the ideas they use in their songs. Their is a lot of sheer riffage here too. It's great music for headbanging and crazed moshing. In particular the song A hole in my Head shows a brilliant build up into a killer riff which is sure to induce manic moshing. To finish, this is some truly interesting and intelligent music with excellent song structures, brilliant musicians and moshing riffs. Go check them out!

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