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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Karma Zero-Architecture of a Lie

Karma Zero is a breakdown heavy deathcore band who are not afraid to bring in some major death metal and metalcore elements into their sound. Their new record Architecture of a Lie is an extremely solid tribute to all that is heavy. This is an album chock to the brim with sick riffs and brutal singing. In many ways this record perfectly embodies the deathcore genre. Yet it also manages to do its own thing. For example, the crazed inhales on Snake, the penultimate track, we see a bit more of a grind/death metal influence. That is not to say that their is no breakdown. I think just about every song on this record has a breakdown of some sort. Yet these guys manage to execute them well and keep me headbanging. They remind me a lot of fellow french deathcore masters L'esprit du Clan. This is a record that any deathcore fan will love and that many a death metal and metalcore fan would probably enjoy listening to. There are enough hardcore elements that it might even appeal to a few high school jocks. So go out and enjoy Architecture of a Lie!

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