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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peter Tomis of Bloodmoon shares his top 10 metal albums of 2012

Peter Tomis of Bloodmoon recently did me the honor of writing about his top 10 metal albums of 2012. Check it out!

Pallbearer - Sorrow and Extinction
Pallbearer's debut album undoubtedly blew everyone who heard it's mind this year, mine included. Bummed I only caught the tail end of their set at the Scion showcase, but i'll be strapped in for a full set come the Enslaved tour next year. This album is what music is all about, no expectations, no marketing plan, no ego, no bullshit. Just some dudes that got together with the goal of making a rad sounding album, im sure glad they did! Even with the recent doom trend consuming the black metal trend of yesteryear, Pallbearer remains a beacon of originality in this genre and I can't wait to hear more!

Nadja - Dagdrom
Surprise find at the tail end of the year. I have been listening to Nadja's Touched on a regular basis since high school and while I can appreciate the albums between, Dagdrom hooked me in again and will join Touched in heavy rotation for the remainder of my life. Much more natural sounding than the Nadja im used to, tone sounds fuller and less digital on all fronts while still retaining the melancholy, wall of sound Nadja is so well known for.

Deathspell Ī©mega - Drought
Much more analog and raw sounding than previous releases in a very good way, a bit less angry and evil, a bit more brooding and dismal, but it's still Deathspell, and it still fuckin' rules.

Absvrdist - Illusory
Another Debut album! Featuring Faceless drummer Lyle Cooper, Illusory takes deathgrind to the next level, reminding us all that creativity has a role equal to technicality when it comes to brutal music.

Neurosis - Honor Found in Decay
All around amazing. Concept, design, sound, lyrics...everything about this album is just perfect. While not my favorite Neurosis release to date, this album is a great accomplishment especially considering that most bands that are together as long as Neurosis aren't doing anything near this awesome currently. Had a chance to hear these songs live as well last month and Neurosis honestly shames any other band with heavy tendencies...even bands I love, Neurosis just has the weight deep within themselves so it is constantly reflected through their projects.

Author & Punisher - Ursus Americanus
I was very stoked to hear some of the heaviest industrial music since Godflesh, but whats more is A&P's sole member, Tristan Shone, custom engineered his own electronic instruments AND speaker enclosures for this album. The time and care spent definitely shines through and this album really inspires me and gives me hope for music of the future. Not many people have the knowledge to build machinery like this, but even given the knowledge you would still need the passion, drive and talent that Shone obviously has to accomplish something this genuinely crushing.

Kayo Dot - Gamma Knife
Not only was this album recorded live, but even taken so far as to include organized audience participation in parts which is an amazing idea i'd love to see used more often. Aside from the recording process Kayo Dot prove yet again that they are a cut above the rest by seamlessly transitioning through countless absolutely baffling movements. If you are a musician that thinks you have it all figured out when it comes to writing, i'd suggest you listen to Gamma Knife and bring yourself back down to've got some work to do if you can ever come anything close to this.

Dysrhythmia - Test of Submission
Dysrhythmia are the pinnacle of what it means to be a musician. The structures are so interesting that vocals are never welcome or even necessary for that matter. I hope some fans of deathcore and djent get a chance to listen to this...and cry because the groove and rhythm are so vastly superior without trying half as hard. Has a similar effect as the Kayo Dot album, if you want to push yourself further as a musician, study this release...HARD.

Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage
Probably my most listened to album of the year. When it comes to death metal(i dont even really consider Gojira death metal, but close enough...) they may not be the most technical band around, or have the most grotesque lyrics, or overindulgent drumming...but one thing they do have that most bands that employ the aforementioned tactics will never have is chemistry. The brotherhood between the Duplantiers shines through in the recordings, the way every musician is working within their own space yet still working toward the bigger picture. The lyrics have substance and meaning, every stroke of every note is played with 100% conviction. All of these factors have secured L'Enfant Sauvage in my collection til the end.

Old Man Gloom - NO
The long anticipated return of OMG did everything but disappoint, heavy, droney in parts(superiorly so, the feedback control is immaculate) fast and grinding in others. This album also contains my favorite lyrics of the year and i'll end this post on this existential thought: "Human vermin, human ants, we're no different. Don't forget. Mother nature's cruelest trick gorge ourselves until we're sick human tapeworms, human ticks, we're no different, don't forget"

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