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Saturday, December 8, 2012


Kilgrin is a stellar metal band very much in the vein of Black Label Society but with their own take on things. I really like their song structures and I think that their raw riffage is hard to match. They add a lot of interesting melodies on top of everything too. This generally leads to an overwhelming onslaught of metal. The solos are really nice touches. They are usually very technical yet also very much in the vein of Zakk Wyldes stuff. The vocals are a bit growly and a bit shouty. They add a lot of raw aggression and make the already powerful music seem even more pummeling. I feel like they would have a lot of appeal to the modern metal crowd. Their riffs are very much in that style. So if you're into modern metal you'll probably love these guys, otherwise, they're still worth checking out. Go now my metal brethren, Go out and headbang to Kilgrin, they will melt your brain.

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