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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Out of Decay-Arising of Lost Souls

Out of Decay is a metalcore band that does it in the grand old style of As I Lay Dying. As, another release from our friends at Metal Message I knew going in that this record would be good. With a very clean overall sound and tight production these guys should appeal to most fans of modern metal. Their music is pretty interesting making this a metalcore release you must check out! With a combination of solid guitar riffs, a pounding rhythm section and well executed vocals this is definitely not a band that a modern metalcore fan would want to miss. With more than a little hardcore energy these Germans will not fail to impress you with their monster chops and fist pumping sound.

The guitar work on this album is very much in the vein of Trivium. There are crushing thrash metal and hardcore riffs that are profoundly contrasted by a storm of melodic ostinatos. This creates a nice dichotomy that matches up with the clean/growled aspect of the vocals. I think that overall this album tends to be a lot more in the hardcore vein than a lot of modern metalcore. That is not to say that it does not respect the maxims of the genre. As I said before, the guitar work is still very similar to Trivium, but these guys are not afraid to get heavier than that. In short, this is a strong metalcore guitar section that knows what they want to do and how to do it.

This band has a pretty tight rhythm section. With lots of pounding riffs and crushing breakdowns these guys get right into it and get the job done. I particularly like the rhythm work on the albums third track. The bass playing is very solid and adds a destructive punch to the bottom end and navigates the band through the breakdowns. Meanwhile the drumming is rather explosive and features a lot of high powered double bass drum attacks. This helps to add a bit more of a hardcore or death metal feel to the music. There are lots of cool fills on this record and I think that really helps this band to stand out among the legions of metalcore bands around today.

Finally we have the vocals, a strong mix of growls and cleans. I think that the growls on this record are very much in the gardcore style yet they have a bit of a death metal edge. Meanwhile the cleans are VERY metalcore with that almost nasal quality to them. I think that they are mixed together fairly well. I really appreciate the way that they blend together seamlessly. The implementation is also a lot less generic than in the vast majority of modern metalcore bands. Yet it still works. In brief, this bands twin vocalists know how to play off each other and get a pit going. They are crucial in helping to make this album as good as it is.

In conclusion, Out of Decays latest effort is a very strong metalcore album that could very easily appeal to fans of hardcore and death metal. With a bit more anger and brutality than most metalcore bands these guys execute some very solid and well thought out songs. The guitar work screams of Trivium, yet it still has its own unique aspects. The rhythm section is really tight and helps to plow through the breakdowns. Meanwhile the vocals, growls and cleans are really well combined and set up to make solid music. So, go check out this new album from Metal Message and prepare to be impressed!

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