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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Kursed is a cool modern rock band with a heavy influence from bands like the Arctic Monkeys and the Black Keys. Their new album Miaow is an opus to what modern rock should be. It is filled with the sounds that define the genre and I could easily see this band getting very big very fast. Their music seems to embody the modern rock scene and carry you away to a land where its all that matters. That being said this album does have its own side with a lot  of psychedelic influences and even a little jazz on the frills. At the same time, do not be surprised to find touches of classic rock and punk. There is a nice combination of styles here that add a lot of flavor to the music. This is an album that any fan of modern rock would cherish and enjoy. This is modern rock for the modern man. With a powerful yet ambient sound these guys could very well be your favorite rock band of 2012!

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  1. ouais c'est bon, ça sonne bien tout ça ! A voir en Live