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Monday, December 10, 2012


Sirocco is a pretty nifty metal band from the Emerald Isle. Their music is particularly interesting as its a logical extension on the legacy that Thin Lizzy left behind. With touches of Iron Maiden and Megadeth. This album is honestly a pretty magnificent hard rock/heavy metal opus that shows that the legacy of those classic bands can be continued without being hokey. In many ways similar to our friends Gypsyhawk their new album Lambay is great for three reasons. The guitar work is fiery and very tasty. Meanwhile, the rhythm section is filled with a punchy bass attack and spicy fills. Finally, the vocals carry you back to the height of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal period. This album is one that must be checked out by any and all fans of classic heavy metal!

The guitar work on this album is explosive and very much in the NWOBHM tradition. It is reminiscent of classic acts like Judas Priest or early Def Leppard. Yet there are also a lot of guitarmonies and slightly folky melodies that implant a strong Thin Lizzy feel.  It's hard to describe, but something about the guitar o this record screams of Thin Lizzy. Overall the riff structure is something of a mix between Iron Maiden bombast and Thin Lizzy grit. I really like the guitar solos, they show off some major shred chops yet they hold onto a familiar earthiness that keeps them grounded in reality. In brief, the guitar work on this album is in the grand old style and features a lot of cool riffs and heavy songs for you to bang your head to.

This bands rhythm section is extremely tight. Their music features a lot of interesting rhythm changes that help add tension to the songs. I particularly like the rhythm bits on Lambay, they really reflect how the rest of the album is set up. The bass work is particularly heavy and features a lot of Steve Harris type riffs. It helps give the band a nice NWOBHM feel. The drumming is very tight and reminiscent of old school drum masters like Dave Holland of Judas Priest. There are a lot of tasty fills here too, they really help the music segue between parts. To finish, this bands rhythm section is very tight and knows how to rock. They keep the music driving and will keep you listening.

Finally we have the vocals. On this album they seem to emulate the guitars in that they find themselves halfway through the vast power and majesty of the best bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and the down to earth bite of bands like Thin Lizzy and Motorhead. I really like how the brassy vocals add a lot of feel to the music and help bring forward that classic Thin Lizzy magic. Yet it does it in its own way, with its own sound but the same timbre. As I said before, it's hard to describe. In short, the vocals on this album are entirely appropriate and in fact very good. 

In conclusion, this is an album that will be adored by any fan of classic heavy metal. Asides from that, theres not much left to say. With a major influence from all the giants of the genre and then some this band will melt your brain and leave you with rock. The exciting guitar parts add a lot of flavor to the music. Meanwhile the rhythms provide a lot of musical interest. Finally, the bands singer really knows how to rip it out. So, fans of music in the grand old style (some would even say the BEST style) go check out Sirocco!

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