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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Magoyond is a really interesting electro-hardcore band that I'm planning on seeing Friday night. Don't take the phrase electro-hardcore to mean these guys are posers. They are definitely not. Instead their music is interesting and filled with elements that should lead to major headbanging fun. The guitar riffs are pretty standard metal fare, this is mosh pit music to say the least. Yet when touched up with interesting electronic bits this band becomes so much more interesting. The lyrics are usually pretty humorous too and I think that most French speakers will get a kick out of songs like "Geek" and "Franck Einstein". This band is interesting because they have at once mosh worthy riffs and also interesting nu metal bits, or even symphonic parts. With a bit of something for every metalhead and hard rocker this band should appeal to a lot of people and be a pleasure to see Friday night!

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