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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Madjok is an interesting rock band who I am planning on seeing Friday night. They have a rather standard modern rock timbre but with some really fantastic bass lines. Their music is distinctly beautiful and while it does not have a lot of anger or evil in it it's still pretty cool to listen to and finds a nice balance between a basic Velvet Underground and Queen's drama. This a band who create some really cool sounds with some nice electronic elements in their mix. I think it helps broaden the pallet of what modern rock can be. Their is a nice balance between garage and electro elements. Their is a lot of Jack White style grit but there are definitely some poppier elements mixed in too. The songs tend towards the progressive and feature some really nice structures. I particularly like the really symphonic choruses which help to provide a lot of musical interest. It should be interesting to see this executed live on Friday night. This is a band you should probably check out if you're a fan of modern rock, go and enjoy!

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