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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Magoyond is an up and coming band on the Paris scene. I had the pleasure of seeing them and hanging out with their pianist last Friday night. I got a copy of their debut album Pandemia, dubbed “Zombie Metal” their brand of horror/humor/nu metal provides for an interesting and fun listen. With a major influence taken from bands like Rammstein these guys combine electronic elements with a heavier overall sound and frighteningly funny lyrics to create a nice and heavy album that should make many a metalhead smile and mosh.

The guitar work on this album is mostly made up of powerful mid-paced riffs that provide a crushing momentum to the music and help keep up the bands dramatic image. The bass work is very heavy and really pushes the envelope on songs like Franck Einstein where a heavy bassline really forces the song to a new level. The drumming is pretty heavy and filled with tons of really cool fills. I particularly like the implimentation of the bass drum to help increase the bombast of the pieces. The keys adda whole new level to the music. They give both moody atmospheres and also striking melodies. It really rounds out the album. Finally the vocals are deep and powerful. While not often growled they are very intense and dramatic, they compliment the music nicely.

In conclusion Magoyond's debut release is worth checking out, especially if you're into Rammsteins brand of metal. While they take that idea to a new level there are undeniable ties. They have a powerful yet funny sound that is surprisingly addictive. With big guitar parts, a booming bass, solid drums, epic keys and huge vocals these guys are a blast to listen to. French metalheads will rejoice upon hearing this album, international metallers will still mosh. Go check them out!

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