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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Under the Abyss-A Wavering Path

Under the Abyss's new record A Wavering Path is essentially what I imagine would happen if James Hetfield had grown up listening to As I lay Dying. Take that as you will. For a metalcore band Under the Abyss is definitely solid. Their music is very much in the vein of the genre but their execution is brilliant and their production tight. I like how instead of using growls they typically go with Hetfield-type thrash shouts. (Note that there are occasional growls, usually added for emphasis) This is a good gateway metalcore band that a fan of Metallica might get into before getting into heavier stuff. There new album is sufficiently tight that I can easily see these guys becoming the next big thing, picked up by Warner Bros as a way to open the kids up towards their heavier catalog. Personally I find their music to be pretty cool if not totally my cup of tea. However if you dig your Metallica and love metalcore then you will LOVE this band, they know how to do metalcore right and could easily have a huge fanbase, especially on the American scene.


  1. well very happy to find that kind of review about our band just by tipping under the abyss in google search ! thanks for your review man it means a lot for us and this is the present we were looking for christmas !

    Merry christmas to you !