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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Spade-Journey of a Modern Tribesman

The Spade is one of my favorite modern rock bands, with classic sounding riffs and brilliant lyrics these guys could very well be the future of rock and roll. Their music is very much in the vein of legendary acts like The Who. With a new album in the works I thought it would be a good time to review their debut release Journey of a Modern Tribesman. This is an album that will appeal to pretty much everyone, both musically and lyrically excellent this is a must buy!

The guitar work is high powered and filled with riffs that really call up the days of The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Yet there is still a bit of a modern element suggesting a progression upon those ideas. The drums are also very much a logical progression on early hard rock. With a lot of fun rock beats it really sets the mood for the music. Meanwhile the bass playing is very solid and adds a lot of energy to the songs. Finally the vocals are very rock and roll, often reminiscent of Jim Morrison this bands vocalist, Virgil Macbryde takes you on a epic journey dealing with modern hypocrisy and the nature of modern society. Its a rebellion against the societal laws, it is a “Message to all the people born into money and raised in denial”

In conclusion this is a record for all you rock and rollers. The Spade gets how to bring back the rock and roll magic of the 70s and their new epic should just be an extension on that. As is, Journey of a Modern Tribesman is one of the greatest rock records of the decade. With solid arrangements and some really inspiring lyrics this is an album that even pop fans would enjoy. Any metalhead who appreciates his roots should also dig this record, there are even a few headbanging moments. So go check out this album and prepare to be blown away!

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