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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paris Metal France Festival Preview 3


So now we arrive at the preview for the final night of the Paris Metal France Festival. With a few dedication bands and a few more French metal legends this should prove to be a thrilling conclusion to a stellar festival. The final evenings festivities will cover performances from old school thrash bands, power metal acts and even the band often thought of as the french Motorhead. Some of these bands have made incredible contributions to French Metal, others are only just starting out. This should create an interesting dichotomy in the acts. Yet with what is overall a nice combination of old and new this final evening could very well be the best! 

The first act on the bill is Showtime, a revival glam band who have a singer who really knows how to strut his stuff. He has a stellar voice and I think with him as the frontman these guys should really get the crowd fired up. 

Shoeilager play primarily heavy classic rock type songs. Very much in the NWOBHM vein they should start to make things interesting. It seems like the guys in this band have a good idea as to how the genre works and will start to make people move.

Thrashback should start to make things interesting with their own brand of revival thrash metal that should call to mind the glory days of Exodus. I'm really hoping to get a pit started here, but even if there isn't their stellar musicianship should be entertainment enough.

Outburst is a female fronted power metal band that should warm the crowd up for the power metal magic that is still to come. I think their Epica type combination of growls and cleans should be fun to see live. They have a bit more bite than Epica so that will just add to the fun.

Then comes Scherzo, a french band from 1985 with close ties with Dygitals (who are also on the bill) Seeing them will be like a piece of living history. According to their page on France Metal Museum they will have a new singer who should blow us away!

Hurlement is like the french response to Manowar. These guys are stellar and extremely manly. Their over the top stage antics should be fun to watch and really usher in the last few major headlining acts on the bill. Their should be a lot of headbanging going onwhen they play their classic "Mercenaire".

Still Square is a band straight from 1981. They haven't lost any of their fire and their music is still wild and rambunctious. Yet, in many ways they are as important to the scene as Ocean. These guys really made French Metal into what it is today and will be cool to see live. 

Heavenly is an awesome power metal act very much in the vein of Helloween. This band is a forgotten great. Yet I think they still have a big enough reputation to pull in quite a few fans. With a new album just out it'll be cool to see the new songs alongside old classics.

Finally we have the big boys, ADX the french answer to Motorhead. With a hard and heavy sound very much inspired by the blues these guys know heavy metal. I think their final set will be fiery and bring the crowd to explode!

In conclusion, The final night of Paris Metal France will be epic. There are bands from all parts of the history of french metal and seeing them all will be like coming full circle from old to new. Phil (the organizer) has done a truly stellar job in getting these bands to come together in what promises to be a great festival. So go check out the bands on the roster and buy your ticket!

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