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Saturday, December 15, 2012


So at Two Guys we've talked about Vajra before. Last time I checked these guys out they seemed like they were a rising force in prog. I'm glad to see I was not wrong. Their music remains interesting and powerful and their new videos are really cool! A combination of stellar musicians and interesting influences leads to some of the best new non-djent prog that I have heard this year. This band uses some really cool song structures too. They manage to pull of long but engaging songs. I think that one of the keys to this is the beautiful vocals which are always fresh and inspired sounding. The Eastern Indian influence is particularly cool in how it affects the rhythms with complex tala's. The scales are also implemented in a pretty unique manner in order to incorporate this influence. In the end, this leads to some really brilliant music that I can't stop listening to! All in all, Vajra is one of the coolest up and comers in the modern prog scene. You need to go check these guys out!

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