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Friday, December 21, 2012

Rock The End Festival


So tonight I had the pleasure of moshing at Batofar for the Rock The End Festival presented by my friends at Enorme TV. Located in a boats hull this was definitely a unique place to see a metal show. I was surprised our moshing didn't shake the boat! Their where four stellar bands on the setlist ranging from space rock to brutal hardcore. This also meant that the people attending each set could be very different which was interesting to see. With a little bit of something for everyone this was truly a night to remember. 

I accidentally showed up two hours early but I got to meet up with all the bands beforehand. It was cool to talk to the guys, they were are really nice, especially the dudes from The Spade. The venue was pretty excellent, a docked tugboat with a terrace and underground music hall this was a really cool place to see a show. The sound was good overall but there were technical issues throughout (Especially in Magoyonds set). Also, the stage, while big enough for the bands, did not really have enough room for stage-diving, which was disappointing. Overall though, Batofar is a really fun and unique venue and a great place to see a show!

The first band on the set-list where the rockers Madjok. With a great stage presence their band of relatively light alt rock almost got a pit going. I really liked their bassists work, his six strings (yes SIX) of majesty took the music to a whole new level. He added a lot of cool melodies and jazzy licks that helped to make the band unique and interesting. Meanwhile, the guitar parts, while simple, where very high powered and allowed for a lot of headbanging fun. The singing was pretty solid too, especially considering the vocalist was a bit ill. He had a lot of power in his voice and helped to keep the energy level up during the more punk parts and then keep things weird during the more spacey bits. Finally the drums where really well mixed and showed off a high degree of technical skill. Jean (the skinsman) really knew what he was doing! One of my favorite things about this band is the contrast between the punk bits and the more space rock parts, I think it creates a very interesting dichotomy. In brief, Madjok was a very cool band to see live and really took their music to the next level.

The next band up was the absolutely stellar The Spade, a band made up of 4 really cool guys who love the rock and roll. They are a beacon of hope for modern rock, a testament to what it can and should be. The concepts that they bring across in five minute are more than many bands can do on an album. Live they take it to a whole new level. With a brilliant frontman in Virgil MacBryde the music takes on a new aspect. MacBryde is prone to falling to his knees and crying out, trying to get the ideas in his music across. As much of an actor as a musician he helps to fully communicate the messages of the songs. The guitar work is overall pretty simple but often very much in the vein of bands like The Who. They are really just a logical progression on where those classic intelligent bands left off. The bass was also pretty well executed, it added a lot of energy to the songs. Finally, the drums were absolutely brilliant, Alexi Marro played with a verve and flair that would be hard to beat. In conclusion, these guys know how to rock and proved to me that rock lives.

After The Spade came hardcore metallers Last Territory. Dressed in fully post-apocalyptic gear they were very much in the spirit of the night. I got a pit going almost right away with them and it went on and off throughout the set. They played with a lot of confidence and had some very flashy stage moves. I particularly enjoyed how Psyro (their vocalist) would actually get into the pit and mosh with us. Shoving around someone in full body armor and face paint is always fun and Psyro made it particularly brutal. The guitar work was exceptionally fast and I really liked a lot of the riffs. Seeing Last Territory gave me a new appreciation of their sheer riffage and the headbanging magic of some of the stuff they do. The bass work was exceptionally heavy and was the backbone of the mosh pit. The drums were fast and fiery, filled with lots of crazy explosive fills. Overall, this band was great to mosh too and had some pretty fabulous tunes. So, if you ever need a good mosh pit and a singer with nice stage presence, go check out Last Territory, they will melt your face!

The final band of the soirée was Magoyond. With a ton of fans in tow they came on stage to much applause and were ready to give us the show of their lifetimes. While a lot of their stuff was limited by some major technical issues (spill on the lead guitarists pedalboard) they still managed to deliver an awesome and fun set filled with zombies and demons. For the last part of their set they had a guy dressed up as the Devil riling the crowd up and getting them good and moshing. In general the guitar work was excellent, but limited by the technical issues. (I would like to point out that the band handled it very well playing a zombified version of an LMFAO song. ) The bass playing was very heavy and in tandem with the keys added a very solid Rammstein backing. I particularly liked how the keyboards added a lot of creepy sound effects to keep the zombie image going. Finally the drumming was very heavy but not super fast creating an interesting balance that kept the crowd moving. Magoyond knows how to kill it live, I just want to see them not have technical issues!

In conclusion, the Rock The End festival was a very nice way to spend my apocalypse. The bands that played were all distinctly unique yet all were great fun to see live. Madjok got the crowd a bit warmed up with their crazy bass playing and spacey sound. Then The Spade (AKA my new favorite rock band formed after 2005) came on and gave a really rocking show that I got really into. Last Territory was good solid mosh pit music and I got to bust a few skulls. While the pit could have been a lot more violent it was of a nice overall intensity and the vocalists help was much appreciated. Finally, Magoyond showed tons of potential but were unfortunately limited by things outside of their control. So, go and check out all of these bands and ROCK.

Madjok -
The Spade -
Last Territory -
Magoyond -


  1. Thanks a lot for this rocking article. I'm really glad you've enjoyed the concert. Plus I really appreciate what you did for us and everybody else.
    We'll keep you posted with anything new, and really hope to see you again should it be at our next concert, or maybe, i don't know, salsa classes.

    Rock on !!!

    Will - the spade

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