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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Willis Work

Willis Work is a neat little rock band from Long Island. There is an interesting soul element here that adds a lot of flavor and helps to make the band unique. Overall the compositions are very tight and seem to have a major Thin Lizzy influence. There are also some elements of the Clash and Curtis Mayfield. I particularly like the bass playing. there are a lot of tasty walking lines that give the music a very solid beating heart. They nicely compliment the punchy guitar riffs and powerful drum playing. This is a band that could become really huge, they have skilled musicians and a good idea of what they want to sound like. This would appeal to many a rock fan if the production was improved. As is they show a lot of potential and could probably make a dent on the Long Island scene rather quickly. If you're into rock music and from Long Island you DEFINITELY want to check these guys out and try to catch them at their next show!

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