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Friday, December 14, 2012


So here I was thinking that the djent/prog movement was finally slowing down, and then I listened to this band. I found out that there is electric djent and it is awesome! Going in I thought VOLA would would be a yucky Asking Alexandria type 'metal' band. Instead I was pleasantly impressed by the musical genius presented by this band. This band is a testament to how the new wave of Nu-Metal is far and away the best. The incorporation of electronic elements is really just a step up from what Periphery was doing on the Icarus EP. Yet this band does not feel the need to go as djent as many trend following bands do. It shows some independence on their part and a ton of creativity. Overall I think that their sound is really interesting and that their new album, Monsters is possible the way forward for djent. So go check out VOLA and have your mind exploded!

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