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Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Atomwinter is death metal for metallers who like their riffs raw and doomy and punctuated by thrash/death destruction. This is a band that makes pure death metal for those ho have remained true to the kvlt for years. This is a death metal band who are true to the grand old style, fusing the music of classics like Asphyx and Bolt Thrower. They have at once the demolishing power and very powerful vocals of asphyx and the hyper-speed and energy of Bolt Thrower. The songs are expertly structured creating a nice balance between the doomy parts and the more thrash metal type breaks. The lyrics are fairly violent yet they incorporate some more philosophical concepts which adds another layer of interest to the music. They incorporate nicely into the musical stylings, in particular, the lyrics of Burning Hate are very well crafted. In conclusion, these Germans know how to make death metal right, metal Asphyx would be proud of claiming as their own, and all true brothers in death need to check these guys out!!/Atomwinter/app_178091127385

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