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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Origin of Ashes

Origin of Ashes

Origin of Ashes is a death metal band that finds a crossing between Dream Theater, Trivium and Lamb of God. Their music has a highly melodic quality to it much like Dream Theater. In addition, their is a definite Trivium influence on the riff structure and some of the solo lines. Finally, there is a definite down to earth mosh feel on a lot of the songs and thus the influence of Lamb of God makes itself apparent. As is, Origin of Ashes is a very cool band who have some very interesting ideas. Unfortunately, their only recordings are some fairly muddy live tracks, and while they capture the power of this band live they also do not do the compositions justice. So my advice to this band is to keep the songs the same but record in a studio, with just a bit of effort their sound could become huge. Fans of the previously mentioned acts should adore these guys if they can take the recording quality. To finish, Origin of Ashes is a very cool and innovative band, I'm only waiting for them to up the ante with some studio recordings!

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