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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kopernik-Juste Moi

Kopernik is a new up and coming pop-punk band who incorporate a host of other elements in their music to transcend the genre and take it to a new level. Their new single (Teaser video HERE) shows a young band who are ready to take the scene by storm. With a squeaky clean and very accessible sound this is a band that could easily get huge. Yet I very much appreciate the funkier and more complex sounds they include in their songs. I feel that that is one of the things keeping this band from becoming just mainstream trash like Green Day. If Kopernik can preserve their soul and continue evolving their music, fusing pop punk and funk this is a band that could change the genre. As is, Kopernik is definitely a band worth checking out if you're into pop-punk music. While most of my metalhead readers might be a bit put off, I feel like any and all modern rockers would really dig this band!

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