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Monday, January 14, 2013

Blockheads-The World is Dead

Blockheads is a grind band who are just starting to get big and are ready to take the world by storm. A  great hope for French grindcore Blockheads is showing the globe that the French can grind too! Their new record The World is Dead comes out next week, it is a 40 minute slab of pure energy. With all of the wrath of classic grind bands like Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death these guys have the pure hatred required to make grindcore in its purest form. Yet, this record still manages to stay reasonably interesting and  make an impression upon the listener. 

The guitar work on this record features the raw death grind riffage of Pig Destroyer yet accents it with a more old school aggression, probably due to the bands hardcore influences. This allows the band to create a musically interesting yet insanely heavy sound. Meanwhile the bass work is extremely fast and vicious. It especially shines on some of the shorter songs and the more blast-beat influenced parts where its pumping might forces your ears into submission. The drum work is filled with high powered blast beats, driving the energy level up even higher. The drumming perfectly captures the manic and deranged energy that this group brings to the table on The World is Dead. Finally we have the vocals, with a strong death metal influence they seem a bit more polished overall than what you would find on an early Napalm Death record. This seems to be  one of the more modern sides of the groups sound. The lyrics are very good, and once again prove grindcores penchant for intelligent lyrics.

In conclusion, Blockheads The World Is Dead is a testament to the magic of grind and a sign that the French scene can produce some truly stellar acts. A nice marriage of old and new styles Blockheads know how to write some solid grinding tunes. This is definitely a record every grindcore and hardcore fan will want to pick up. It will also be enjoyed by many a brutal death metaller as the deathgrind feel on the vocals opens up the sound a bit. While not metal for the common man this is definitely extreme music for extreme people to delight in. Look for it in record stores and on Bandcamp January 22!

Meanwhile check out their facebook! 

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