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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wild Dawn-Double Sided

Wild Dawn is a testament to rock and roll insanity, a slab of madness to cap off your day, a veritable pile of old school fun. From the first blistering guitar attack on Now or Never one can feel that this is going to be an album of cool licks, brash lyrics and flashy solos. Dedicated to sex, drugs, and rock and roll, songs like Gettin High and I Am The Rock show how dedicated these guys are to the primal tenets of the genre. Armed with a virtuoso guitarist, powerful bassist, explosive drummer and fiery vocalist Wild Dawns' Double Sided is music that all fans of classic and hard rock will love.

The guitar work on this album is explosive and features a ton of fun loving rock riffs. I am especially reminded of Gypsyhawk but with fewer guitarmonies. The rhythm guitar stuff is fairly simple yet it is sufficiently tasty to keep the music powerful and interesting. It locks in very nicely with the bass work. However the bass does have a tendency to add in some bluesier walking lines. The drum playing is chock to the brim with explosive and tasty fills. They pump the music up with a wild and fun energy that really is the icing on the cake. Finally we have the vocals, filled with a gritty rock and roll might. This bands singer, Greg, embodies the spirit of the music, he has a true understanding of what he wants to do and brings it to the forefront of the bands sound.

In conclusion, this is a rock and roll band for this generation. With a comprehension of the genre that comes so rarely on this modern scene combined with a hectic energy and quest for fun Wild Dawn is a band that is trying to keep the music alive. Double Sided is their statement on what they feel rock should be and they are not afraid to act upon it. Young and old alike, fans of rock all, Wild Dawn is here to try to bring Chuck Berrys music back to the forefront of the scene, and if they can repeat the magic of Double Sided on its sequel then they may very well do just that!

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