Chuck Schuldiner Project

Monday, January 7, 2013

Blood Dancer

Blood Dancer cover art

Blood Dancer is a gloriously fun power metal band who have major NWOBHM influences. With a stellar singer who is quite nearly on par with Dio this is a band that will take you to a glorious land of battles and magic and make you fight dragons until you die. With fantasy based lyrics and high powered guitar solos this is a band dedicated to making heavy metal as fun as it deserves to be. Overall the sound is very much in the vein of Dio or even the French Sortil├Ęge, yet there are a myriad of other influences that help make this album unique. In particular the slower guitar solos (and even some of the faster ones) show a major influence from Death. The riffing also shows a few black metal elements which I find to be very interesting. I particularly enjoy the way in which the normally clean vocals occasionally succumb into growls, this seems to be very reminiscent of Opeth. Overall, this is more than just a classic heavy metal band, vest metal, or power metal act because these guys manage to combine some very weird influences to get their sound. The result is a uniquely headbanging good time. You need to go check out Blood Dancer RIGHT NOW!