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Monday, January 7, 2013

Paris Metal France Fest V is in less than a week!

Affiche PMFF

Hey guys, I just wanted to remind my French fanbase that Paris's premier metal festival is coming up in less than a week! Not only is this France's only festival this weekend, it has only French bands! With tickets priced at less than 5 euros an act its hard to see why one wouldn't want to go. With crazed moshing for the first night, living history on the second and furious headbanging on the final night its hard to understand why you wouldn't go to this fest! The venue is a killer place. La Divan Du Monde is great for death metal and rock shows, stage diving will abound!

The bands that have been assembled by the festivals organizers are the founders of the French scene. These guys have been around for years, some have played with legendary acts like Iron Maiden and Death. They know how to give a show and will not let you go home upset. With a great variety of bands on the setlist there is a little something for every metalhead. From the death metal of Loudblast to the power metal of Headline there is a lot of variation to be had. They even have the french equivalent of Motorhead in the legendary ADX! This is Paris's first multi-day metal festival and I don't think any of the concert goers will be disappointed.

In conclusion, this could very well be the Parisian underground metal event of the year. With something for everyone I'm sure every true metaller can find at least one night on which they want to go. Another thing to take into consideration is that this will be the last edition of Paris Metal France Festival, so who knows when us Parisians will have another event on this scale? I'd recommend the bands and venue to any metalhead and given the hours of metal that will be going on you can't claim to not be able to fit it into your schedule. So go buy tickets now!

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