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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cold Blooded Theory-Insight

Insight cover art

Cold Blooded Theory is a pretty nifty metalcore band from Glendale. Their music, while very much within metalcores maxims, is also not typical of the genre. In many ways they are similar to bands like August Burns Red. However, the general approach is a lot more rhythm centric and breakdown heavy than on most metalcore records. I think this really emphasizes the hardcore feel. That is not to say that there are no melodic lines, they are just not the prime focus of the music, at least to my ear. Being the mosher that I am I have to say that I do think the emphasized hardcore feel is pretty great. It does not descend to neanderthal-like moshcore, but its definitely something that you're expected to thrash too. The lyrics are not christ-core but they are still morally positive and stuff that most metalheads could agree with. It especially reassuring to see stuff like this in light of the whole For Today fiasco. One of my favorite lines is "Its safe to say,/No matter your faith,/Believe in a life without hate /For the sake of being freeAll in all, Insight is a very solid release from Cold Blooded Theory, it should impress most fans of modern metalcore, it has all of the prime tenets of the genre yet it still incorporates outside influences.

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