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Friday, January 18, 2013


Dygitals is a classic French heavy metal band who helped form the scene back in the 1980s. They have a few classics that everyone on the scene knows and their explosive lead singer Hervé is viewed as a lord of French heavy metal. Now almost 30 years after their inception Dygitals has a new album out, titled Avé... This is an album that shows some of my nations metal masters back on track knocking out  12 originals (and one reprise) that are as spicy now as they would have been 30 years ago. This is a legendary groups ultimate statement, a proof that even the old guys know how to rock.

Filled with shreddy guitar solos and high powered riffs this band knows how to pump out fun and electric guitar riffs that really capture the 80s speed metal energy. The solos shriek of Iron Maiden and Accept, they have a manic feel to them that is very enjoyable. The bass work is fairly heavy and provides a heavy beating heart to the music. There are a lot of tasty bass fills that fill out the sound too. The drumming is precise yet explosive. I particularly like the rock feel that they add to songs like Gimme A Reason. Last we have the vocals, high and mighty they are rarely matched in the field of speed metal. The anthemic choruses are very tasty and add a nice power metal feel to the music. It also helps to show off the massive influence the NWOBHM has on this album.

To wrap this one up, Dygitals has proven that they are just as strong now as they were 30 years ago. Their fiery sound has not been pulled back at all, its even progressed as the musicians themselves have only gotten better. They have made an album that shows them at once pushing into new directions but also showing a healthy respect for their classic era. They are dedicated to their fans and always going for broke, as they sing on Stars of Life, an ode to rock and roll, "We Shine for You" this is heavy metal for the old school metalhead and it will not be forgotten.

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