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Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Komah is a cool modern metalcore band with definite hardcore leanings. They have the raw anger of Hatebreed tempered by the melodic edge of Trivium. Their new album Between Vice and Virtue is almost retro-metalcore in that it makes sure to emphasize the bands hardcore roots. The riffs are crunchy and explosive and show how powerful this band can be. Yet there are also a lot of easy to listen to and appealing leads that add a hooky nature to a lot of the tracks. The bass work is extremely heavy and allows for a maximum of headbanging action. The bottom end is massive, especially on the breakdowns and on the more driving riffs. Meanwhile the drumming has a hectic attack that reminds me distinctly of the old-school hardcore movement. There is a lot more power here than in most modern metalcore acts. In conclusion, Komah shows a way forward for metalcore. Rather than bland melodic lines and riffs that all sound held back and boring Komah forges right on ahead showing the true spirit of metal in their mountains of raw riffage.

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