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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Critical Disease

Critical Disease is a shreddy alternative metal band from Bolivia. A bit of a combination of Voodoocult and Sepultura Critical Disease has the potential to be a real force in South American metal. Their manic energy and heavy music is something that any metalhead can relate too. The guitar riffs are extremely solid and allow for a lot of headbanging action, they seem to lie somewhere between Faith No Mores experimental metal riffs and Sepulturas quasi-death metal playing. The raw energy is probably the defining aspect of the music though. I adore the vocalists shouts, which, while not technically brilliant have a ferocity to them that few will forget. These guys are potentially the future kings of South American heavy metal. This is a band that fans of heavier stuff need to check out, it will be adored by fans of alt metal and thrash while still being appreciated by more contemporary metallers.

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